Thursday, 19 July 2012


I have seen lately, that a lot of people seem to be coming to a bit of a "cross-roads" so to speak; a fork in the road with two very desirable outcomes. At this point, there has been confusion in some people on which way to turn, which path to take. It's really easy when that fork comes before you and one road leads to a path where there may be pain, and the other appears to lead to joy and light...well duh...pick the light, pick the light *smile* What if they both seem amazing? Alternatively, what if they both seem a little dark?

I can give you all of the platitudes about weighing up all the pro's and con's, listen to your heart and soul, ask for guidance (all of which are true and helpful mind you) but in the end, something more practical might fit you better.

When I come to a place like this, I do all of the above (weigh up, listen and ask) however, there is one more thing I like to do before making the final decision.

I sit in a quiet place, usually my garden because plants are REALLY helpful in being able to clear a path through the "human stuff" and get to the good stuff *smile*, and then I begin to picture ONE of the alternatives. I let my mind wander along that path, I see myself in that future and the results of choosing that particular road. I project myself into that future and "walk around in it" for a while. Then, I spend a minute or two clearing away that imagery, and do the same thing for the other path. I keep doing this for all of the paths I feel I have to choose between.

While I am doing this, I pay CLOSE attention to how my body responds to the "picture" of each of the alternative "futures" or paths. A tightening of the tummy muscles, little spasms in any of my muscles, clenched hands, or a tingling or pain between the shoulder blades are my bodies really clear indicators that that particular choice is not for me. Feeling light, getting goose bumps, tingling in fingers and toes, warmth across my chest; these are indicators that my body is choosing this path.

Remember your body, right down to the molecular level, is connected to/with the divine, it is a pure conduit for that energy and each cell remembers the contract you signed, even if your brain doesn't. When it comes time to make a choice, use your bodies indicators to help you decide.

With love and light

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