Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Where there's love, there's hope

There are two VERY powerful and all encompassing weapons in the light worker arsenal! Two things that have the amazing power to change the world, and in fact, ARE changing the world. They exist simultaneously, but are not entirely dependant on each other. (In other words, you can have one without the other, but they usually exist together.

I am, of course, talking about love and hope!

I know you know the moment when you feel absolutely wonderful and full of joy and love. Maybe it's when you meet the love of your life, maybe when you hold your child, cuddle your cat or play with your dog. Maybe it is a bright, shining, random moment in time as you look outside at the beauty of nature and instantly smile, feeling joyful even though you aren't sure why or there seems no particular cause. THIS is the power of love. Take a moment to cast your heart back to one of those moments (we've all had them even though they may have been fleeting for some) and FEEL it, relive it and let the feeling wash over you again as though it was 5 minutes ago.....

....THAT's the power that is love.

When immersing yourself in that feeling, a little spark starts to glow inside you...anything seems possible, things "slip into place" the world is full of opportunity and a never ending supply of joyous moments...

...enter the power of hope *smile*

In a moment where love seems a little far away, immerse yourself in remembered love and the spark of hope will emerge. Feed that feeling, let the joy of love and hope wash over you. In letting yourself remember only the joy and the love, you allow your body to remember, to feel it, and thus to focus on finding it again.

When it seems a little dark, wash yourself in love light, hope will grow and in remembering, you will create it again.

With love and light

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