Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Give free reign to how you feel

A medical professional once told me that our feelings are nothing more than chemicals, that we need to dissect and challenge them and never let them control us or our actions. In part, I think there lies some SMALL measure of truth in these words, but when I think of them, it makes my tummy hurt because of the way they may be interpreted.

Out emotions are a gift; they are our indicators of our current situation. Our intuitive senses are our connection to the divine and to our own bodies and hearts and souls. A series of chemical reactions...yes, but to what purpose? WHY would our divinely inspired bodies, our perfectly in tuned DNA create these responses if all we were supposed to do was ignore them? Doesn't make sense to me.

It is true that sometimes our responses are ego driven and our emotions can indeed be clouded by being too close to a situation and not being able to see the hearts path through the ego and fear driven confusion. However, the best way to avoid this is to really know yourself, your heart and the deceptive tricks your brain tries to play on you whenever you encounter a situation that is new, frightening or uncomfortable.

I have a really simple rule of thumb and it works for me every time. If the thought, feeling or emotive response is negative, it is fear and ego based. If it is positive and uplifting, well then, that's your heart and soul talking and it can be trusted!

Know all of your emotions, feel them, allow yourself to know the little tricks your brain will try (mine always tries to get me through the "you aren't being a good Mummy" button, or the "you're being selfish" button..phew, hard hitters those buttons) and know them for what they are. 

Have compassion and respect for yourself and and all your emotions, know them like old friends, even the ones that make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Embrace and love ALL of you. You are perfect, you cannot make a mistake when you listen to the love and positivity that is you. Negative is not really you.

With love and light

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