Monday, 16 July 2012

When I wake in the morning I feel good, then  I travel through the day spreading love and sprinkling faery dust. I am hurt, I am misunderstood, I heal, I help, I am tired. I have moments where I want to give up, there are times I don't think it's worth the effort to help those who don't wish to be helped or take kindness and generosity for weakness. There are places I don't wish to go, choices I would rather not make and people I want no association with. Sometimes I hide out at home and barricade myself in my sacred space; other times I feel I have to go and see others and be involved in the world outside my cave even though I don't really want to. I have moments where I don't want to do anything, can't force myself to do anything then feel guilt over doing nothing when there is "so much to do." I leave my dishes on the sink for three days, I don't do my housework, I just sit and read a book all day. 

In short....

I'm human...

and I thank the divine everyday, that I don't have to face any of this alone.

No matter what the day brings, no matter how tired and worn out I feel. As I lay down to sleep and ask my team to surround me and heal me of the wounds I may have sustained; I KNOW I am loved unconditionally.

With love and light

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