Saturday, 14 July 2012

You deserve happiness...

Sometimes, especially when things have felt really dark and a bit hopeless, I have caught myself thinking that perhaps I had done something wrong, that I was undeserving of happiness, that I had somehow failed and that there was something wrong with me. When things look a little bleak, this is where my brain led me. even as my heart attempted to tell me that this was not true.

This feeling is fear, it's not real! In the moment, it used to be hard to remember that only things based from/in love are real, and that fear based echoes are easily dispelled. Fear feeds on fear, and at times it became difficult to recall that I am (we all are) loved and protected by the divine as are ALL things. 

The greatest gift then, was learning to open my arms to the universe, and gratefully, and blessedly, open my heart to receiving. 

Every now and then, I still feel that I should serve others to the exclusion of myself; I still feel like I am unworthy of receiving, in a moment of fear and sadness.

During these times, I got outside and breathe deeply. I ask the Earth for her healing energy and just spend time looking and taking in the perfection that is nature. All of these things, plants, animals, insects, rocks, clouds and sky are perfect reflections of the divine. Spending time amongst nature always helps me to remember that so am I.

In these moments of darkness remember that you ARE loved and a perfect reflection of the divine. You are perfect and guiltless, you have done nothing wrong and you are completely deserving of good.

With love and light

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