Friday, 13 July 2012

Angelic vision

Throughout the years I have sometimes struggled with a lack of confidence in myself, and if I am really honest with myself, I still do at times *smile* I guess we all at some time or another have a dim opinion of ourselves.

We often view ourselves either through the filter of our own ego, or through the filter of someone else's opinion. Neither of these is a true vision, neither will allow ourselves to see the truth...we are all beautiful, divine and angelic by nature. The true, spiritual core of us all is perfect just the way it is, no modifications required. We were born to love and joy as our birth right, and with all the information we would ever need to be our perfect selves and live our perfect lives.

It is through taking any measure of belief or opinion about who we are from others or from our own egos, that we start to forget all those things.

Seeing ourselves through angelic eyes and using angelic vision is the only true way to see ourselves for who we really are.

It is easy to know if the thought or opinion we feel is angelic or ego. If it is in anyway critical or negative, the thought comes from our ego or others. If the thought is filled with love, beauty and joy...then it is divine in origin.

Make a choice to refuse to even acknowledge any negative or critical opinion of you no matter what it's source. Well meaning "friends" sometimes even try to tell you things that "are for your own good." In reality, none of that is real. Only things based in love are real.

You are perfect just being you!

With love and light

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