Thursday, 12 July 2012

Everything you need to know

Today wise ones, I just thought I would take a moment to remind you that everything you need to know is already inside you. Your inherent knowledge of what YOU need to do and the situations you will find, the doors that will open and the manner in which all your desires will manifest is inherent in you already. The knowledge and remembrances are activated using your "gut instinct". Listening to those intuitive impulses and twinges is the way to access this inherent memory.

Your instinct is an extension of the divine, therefore, it cannot be wrong. Listen to and trust those little (or not so little) urges and follow them to your most profound and joyous dreams!

Even if, for a moment or two, you forget to listen and you seem to go in the wrong direction, well this is just a little detour really. In divine terms, there is no such thing as a "lost cause." How awesome is that???

Keep clearly in your mind the fact that you already KNOW what to do!

Your life's purpose is important...but the journey is just as important.

With love and light

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