Sunday, 1 July 2012

STOP giving negative people permission...

OK, so, a bit of a rant today *smile* I have just spent quite a while talking to a dear and loved friend who definitely needed a shoulder to cry on tonight. She is having some difficulty with some people who are being really negative, malicious and down right nasty to her and about her. She has done nothing to draw their attention; yet, as I spoke to her I realised she could be telling my story, or anyone's story at any particular time, and I instantly knew the "mistake" she had made, and that so many of us make.....

By listening, continuing to spend time with these people and buying into the situation, inadvertently, she has given them permission to not only to continue, but to have an impact on her life and well being.

It really is simple...don't let them! Take back the permission you gave, surely you don't mean it??????

Simple to say, yet not so simple to do in a lot of situations I know. *wry smile* There are millions of techniques you can use to start you on the path of dismissing these actions, and even these people. I have talked about some of them before, but I'll give you a bit of an outline of some of the things I use when I find myself falling into this trap (don't get me wrong, I still get caught on occasion, yet with these tools, I think I stand a really good chance of getting out, or not falling in at all)...

1. Smudging:- imagine writing on a black board and then running your hand across it. The words get "smudged" and begin to have less impact straight away. The more often you wipe your hand across, the less legible and impacting the words until from one moment to the next, they are not there at all. This is smudging, and it works on negative people too. Mentally wipe your hand across the board whenever a negative person starts to enter your thoughts...keep doing it, every time; ask your team to assist as well...soon, they won't bother you any more.

2. Ask Archangel Michael to set really strong and clear boundaries with/for you:- Quite simply, get some protection, imagine Michael's bright purple light surrounding you, put a crystal in your pocket...whatever works for you. Give out your intention to be protected and impervious to negativity and it makes a HUGE difference. At the end of each day, I also ask Michael to cut the cords to all situations throughout the day so that nothing stays with me into sleep or the next day.

3. Disengage:- It is not easy to see actions for what they are when you are totally and emotionally engaged in the situation. A really useful tool I have discovered is to firstly ask your divine team to help you see the trap (that is negativity designed to draw you in by either getting you to respond, or making you feel hurt). When these situations come up with people I know to be negative, I find myself saying (inside my head), "ooooh, that was a good one! Interesting trap...not going to work, sorry!" It is so much easier to see the trap when you can remove the emotion.

4. LIMIT the time you spend "venting":- It is so eassy to get on the phone to a good friend and spend hours just rehashing all the yucky stuff, and this is even good for you...unless of course you let it go on too long. Then, all you're doing is feeding all those situations and people, giving them energy when really, you should be shutting them down.

There are so many, many more, but these four are the one's I have found the best. People have a right to choose their own space, actions and way of being; we have no right to try and change them, it's their choice! So THE most important thing to remember is that judging people for their negative actions, is actually not our right! Send them love, smudge them and move on.

With love and light

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