Monday, 2 July 2012

You get what you ask for...

Have you ever noticed that the more often you think of something or about something, the more likely it is to occur? This is the law of attraction; the universe will act to provide you with what you think the most about.

It works for all aspects of our lives which is why our choice in words and language are so important. We think in words you see, and if you often use combative and confrontational words like struggle, hardship, difficulty and problems...then guess what you get more of??? 

I know when I first heard this concept, I was really angry. When I first heard that the life I am living is a result of my own choice, I was furious; I ranted and raved at an unjust universe, I disbelieved the whole deal, I mean, who would CHOOSE the life I was living at that time? So guess what I had more of for a while? Anger, frustration, fury...damn *smile*

When I embraced this concept, well life most certainly began to change, just one little thing at a time. Those little things though, added up over a very short time.

I am going to take this concept one step further though...what you see when you look around you, at your world, your reality, your situations and the people in them, you will get what you expect to see. What you find, will depend totally on what you are looking for. 

If you look through the eyes of love and beauty and forgiveness (rose coloured glasses if you will) then that is what you will find in people, places and situations. If you look, and the filter you have developed through your experiences makes you anticipate pain, deception and angst, then this is what you will find.

This is why it is so important to let go; let go of your past hurts and the pain, let go of the need to control things, let go of past "failures" and instead, actively look for beauty, light and forgiveness.

With love and light

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