Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The benefits of stillness and silence

I am often so busy that when I get time to myself, I don't really know what to do with it...a million and one projects, incomplete tasks, "obligations" and many other things instantly pop into my brain and then I attempt to choose between them since alone time is usually limited. The "task" I get the most benefit from and try to have/do most often, is to sit in silence with myself, in the stillness of my garden.

Initially, when there is silence, my brain tries to fill the space and goes in all different directions at once. I let my brain wander through things for a bit since this is a good way of determining the specific things I need to let go of, however, after a few minutes, I ask my brain to be still and open the floor to my heart. *smile* I know the difference now between my head and my heart when I hear them through one important aspect. My brain usually takes me to negative, uncomfortable, embarrassing or hurtful places; rehashing things I would rather let go of, inducing me to feel all over again the way the moment had me feeling when it happened. My heart, on the other hand, takes me to joy, love, bright and shinning future images, creativity and positivity. 

This is one of my primary connections with my divine team, where I get answers, where I have the opportunity to ask the questions, and to immerse myself in the loving comfort of the divine.

When you're so engaged in the business of your life, you can forget sometimes the amazing benefits of silence and stillness in nourishing your soul and reconnecting you with the divine.

With love and light

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