Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Moving through

One of the things that used to frustrate me, and now is a precursor to amazing joy is seemingly tougher times AFTER asking for divine assistance. That wasn't really very clear was it? *laugh*

There are times when I have asked for guidance, for help, for divine intervention in whatever form it takes to help me remove myself from a situation or to manifest a reality that I choose, and immediately it SEEMS as though everything has become even more difficult and undesirable!!!!!!!! Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is actually happening is that in order for there to be change...there has to be change. Simple right? *smile* The "thing" with divine intervention is that it is best achieved by putting the request out there and leaving the details up to the team working with you. The down side (if there is one) is our inability to see the whole story at once. While things may appear as though they are more difficult and that nothing has changed at all, in fact things are changing, are happening and moving and shifting and sometimes that can be very uncomfortable. Change is always uncomfortable at first (well it seems that way anyway). The key then, is to see these life transitions for what they are...a manifestation of the reality we asked for. I can't predict how my team is working to effect the changes I have asked for, I can't always see the blessing in the changes as they are happening. What I have learnt though, is that these times are the beginning of a magnificent new direction, that when complete, makes me wonder what "all the fuss" was about during the difficult moment. 

Sometimes the old thought patterns and pathways are challenged so that we can make way for the new. Sometimes a situation becomes more uncomfortable so as to be untenable so we realise we have to move on to get what we asked for. Sometimes there is just transactions we have to have in order to become who we asked to be. 

Whatever the case, I know now that when things are feeling particularly difficult after I have asked for guidance and change, that a transition is occurring as my divine team work to help me. This does not change the perceived difficulty, it does give me hope, understanding and the opportunity to trust myself and my team all the more for the challenges presented. 

With love and light

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