Monday, 13 August 2012

The man at the markets

I just want to tell you a little story tonight. Every couple of weeks I attend my local markets in Bowen, Queensland, Australia (a delightful place by the way *smile*) to sign books and pass on some faery magic. It is a morning filled with light work, sometimes I just sit there all day drawing, knitting, talking...whatever seems to be the order of the day. 

The markets are run by a community organisation which does amazing and fantastic work with the community, and in particular, is organised by one man. 

Every week this man is a delight, he makes me laugh with his cheeky leprechaun ways. I often spend the morning listening to his banter and shenanigans, hearing his booming voice all over the market place. He always has a joke, a positive comment, a story to tell. Always he is happy, always his eyes are laughing, always he brings such joy, just by being him.

I draw angels and faeries and all sorts of other magical beings as the mood takes me and as they present themselves in my heart with the urge to draw them on the page. Sometimes I may draw four or five in a sitting, sometimes I will go for weeks without drawing a single one. It is a guarantee though, that every time I speak with this man, a magical being will pop straight into my head and insist on being drawn. He brings so much light, that it is impossible to resist *laugh*

This week, he came to collect the fees, and among his usual banter and jokes, he confesses he has recently been with family, one of whom has cancer and is dying...I was stunned a little. Even though his heart is hurting, and his contract involved this pain, he chose to continue being a delight and a bringer of light. I looked him in the eye (really looked) and saw his pain etched there and yet, he smiled at me and then continued on his merry way bringing laughter to others. 

What an amazing being, what an honour to know someone like this, and a total joy to be in his company. 

The point of this story, other than to share the knowledge of this beautiful being, is to show that all we really have to do, all that is ever asked of us, is to shine out light on the world, to be authentically us, to embrace and love no matter how much we may be hurting and sometimes even because we are hurting. By doing so, we inspire others to shine their own light.

With love and light

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