Sunday, 12 August 2012

A simple message of love and rememberance

I have had a massive day today filled with love and light work. I am really, really tired and am going to (very shortly *smile*) honour my body's request for sleep.

So today, just a really quick message, one that has been rolling around in my head all day, and which I suspect, will not leave my thoughts until it is written down:

Remember that we are ALL divine beings with a will and a birthright of joy, love and laughter. Sometimes, the contract we sign is misinterpreted or forgotten in translation, things seem to go wrong and we may find ourselves in a dark place. The only thing holding us there, in these moments is our choice to remain. I am not inferring that we can just make a snap decision NOT to be in a place living a certain life, and then we wake up the next day and we are not (although, just quietly between you and I, I think it may just be possible and I haven't figured out the how yet *smile* when I do I'll be sure to fill you in). What I AM saying is that each decision we make for a positive and love filled life takes us one step closer to making this a reality; each time we choose a path of authenticity and integrity, we get closer; each moment brings this reality into being through a focus of will and positive choices. It is never too late, no one is ever too far gone, and there is always hope that the next moment will be better than the one preceding.

I feel a lot of people's pain and anxiety and hopelessness throughout the world tonight. If you are one of the people in a bit of a dark spot, and you are reading this...hold on, just wait for the next moment, focus ALL of your will on finding the beautiful and the positive even if, at this point in time, you only see it for a second or two. The first and hardest hurdle is done, everything else becomes easier from here on it...believe.

With love and light

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