Saturday, 11 August 2012

The "No complaints" policy

Well, I feel slightly hypocritical writing this post today since I am as likely to fall into this trap as anyone else. It is however, something I am working on, and something I actively teach my students and my own children. So, while I may not be an adept at this particular skill, I do feel it is definitely worthwhile passing it on to you all *smile*

The "No complaints" policy is a commitment to yourself to avoid complaining about your life, your situation, the things people "do to" you or around you. There is healthy venting where you are able to relieve some of the pressure of unfavourable situations by "off loading" that baggage to the universe....and then there is complaining. Deep in our hearts, we ALL know the difference *laugh*

The minute you complain, you are inadvertently giving the people or situation power over you. You are tacitly agreeing to be a victim who has absolutely NO control over your life and YOUR actions, and you are agreeing that nothing can be done. You are saying to the universe, "I am powerless" and "I take no responsibility for my own choices, actions and life." Ooooops! I know that this is not what is intended when each of us opens our mouth to utter a complaint, it is however, what actually happens *sad face*

As a light worker, as a divine and miraculous being, we actually never have to be a victim, that's a choice, albeit, usually a subconscious one.

This is not to say you cannot discuss your dissatisfaction with someone or with a situation, you are not required to be a martyr either. What this means is, that we need to look for a positive way in which to express our feelings and opinions; this means not verbally attacking; this means offering solutions as well as pointing out the difficulties; this means expressing yourself with love for the people and the situations; this is speaking your truth from your heart WITHOUT judgement. The judgement I guess makes all the difference between highlighting something that requires some changes, and complaining.

I started this journey with affirmations I said to myself whenever I caught myself in the act of complaining such as:

  • I am strong and confident and I believe in my inner power to solve all issues.
  • I release my need to complain about people, places and situations.
  • I love all people for the divine within them.
I just keep repeating these for as long as it takes to remove myself from the urge to complain.

Give yourself a gift, let go of the need to criticise and complain. Instead, embrace the power to speak truth without judgement and to love all beings for the divine within them.

With love and light

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