Friday, 10 August 2012

Tell people you love them

It is SO easy to walk through the world and live our lives, with amazing and wonderful and supportive people around you...and NOT remember to tell them what they mean to you. The "regret" I hear from people most often, is a regret for things left unsaid.

It is REALLY important to let people know how you feel about them; to tell them they are special to you, that they are your "rock" that they helped you out of a jam, that they are always there when you need them, that they make you laugh, that they are a comfort by their very presence, that they are a delight to work with....whatever it may be, and no matter how great or small the act, the association, etc...take a moment to let people know what they mean to you and how they make a difference in your life.

I have people in my life I value immensely, and I make it a policy to tell them often how much I love them and appreciate the gift of their friendship...aside from expressing a genuine gratitude, your words also provide a gift in themselves; people ALWAYS love hearing that they make a difference (after all, that's why we're all here isn't it?)

Let people know you love and appreciate them and the gift is two fold.

With love and light (and a great appreciation for all the amazing and beautiful souls who are reading this right now)

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