Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sometimes it's tempting....

Sometimes it is tempting to just give up, to decide that it is all too hard, to stop the journey and decide to be the same as everyone else. I'll admit, there have been times when I have caught my brain telling me, "Wasn't life easier before you opened your awareness? Wasn't it better when you could fight fire with fire when it comes to people being horrible? Wasn't it just awesome when you got some pay back?" and other such inane things *smile* My brain is not all that imaginative I'm afraid *laugh*

The answer of course is "No," it wasn't and isn't easier at all, moments seemed to be, but my heart knows the agony of guilt I punish myself with when I am awful to someone no matter how much they seemed to "deserve" it. My heart knows that I laboured under depression so black it seemed like I was sinking in quick sand. My heart knows that the path to TRUE happiness, while not always easy, is far more lasting and beautiful than a momentary satisfaction.

Naturally, knowing all of these things doesn't always make situations appear easier when they seem a little hard. *smile* 

There is one thing that ALWAYS helps though.....hope. 

"When the world says 'give up' hope whispers, 'try one more time'"

This is something we can hold on to when it seems the journey is tough or at a bit of a stand still. We just have to try...just one more time!

With love and light

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