Sunday, 23 September 2012

be....just be

A few human moments lately, and I know I am not alone here; my human self is frustrated and "over it" and just wanting to move to the next stage. This has manifested itself with me pacing the house, starting and as quickly abandoning a lot of little jobs and activities, wandering as though lost and having no enthusiasm for things I usually throw myself into. I can't even seem to muster the energy to be "mad" about anything.

My brain automatically went to the phrase, "Life is only hard when you're on the wrong path," which while true, is somewhat of a trap at times too... I started to second guess, to doubt, to "rethink" and all of those other things that can happen when the brain starts to override the heart...

I was sitting at the beach side markets I attend once a fortnight with my books and faeries and I started to draw. Out came this delightful faery with the most amazing message...she was quite firm in her wording and VERY imperious in her commands and instruction...the message though was clear...


I laughed and laughed; this is not a moment of confusion or time for a life review" I thought to myself, this is time to "just be;" to live moment by moment placing no particular importance on any one thing or any obligation or job, but just take time to reconnect and be.

Thank you faery *smile*

I don't think we should ever underestimate the healing and soothing impact of just being... and the knowledge that all the "stuff" that makes up life are really just moments to be enjoyed. The old adage of "If it's not fun, don't play" springs to mind I changed the game and just sat and did nothing!

With love and light
forget the human, ego based moments where your brain tries to convince you that you should be sad and joyful and heal
♥ ♥

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