Saturday, 22 September 2012

Acknowledge that you have all you need

We are, each of us, born with all the knowledge we need in order to be our perfect divine selves, and to live our perfect divine life.

It is a sad shame sometimes, that along the path of living this human life, that we sometimes forget what we know, and sometimes we bury it so deep that we feel lost and confused.

This is why instead of saying, "I learnt" something, I say that I "remembered" it. 

All that is required to tap into this store of remembered information is to learn to listen to the messages our body and soul send us. To follow the little impulses and instincts that each of us feel every day within every situation. Sometimes, I have been so good at burying or ignoring these messages, that it will take an event for me to remember to listen again.

It is so easy to let the business and noisiness of life get in the way; to establish routines of safety and to not operate outside them. Our brain is, of course, also adding to the confusion and attempting to add fear, guilt, shame and hatred to blur the message as wonder I feel a little lost sometimes *wry smile*

All that we need in order to live the perfect and joy filled life that is our birthright, is to remember to listen...or, as the case may be, relearn how to listen...all that we need is encoded within us, all the knowledge, wisdom, experience and courage...we just have to remember.

With love and light

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