Friday, 21 September 2012

Eternal love

So much to say about this topic, and yet, there is so much I would rather not say simply because it is a very personal and deep topic.

I spent my childhood dreaming of the love I would have and the amazingness of the "perfect man" and all that entails. I fantasised through my teenage years about being swept off my feet by a man who would love and cherish me and with whom I could share every part of me with unconditional love, respect, friendship and a sense of peace and completeness.

I am fairly sure I am telling everyone's story is not until later that we find ourselves becoming a little cynical and jaded about this thing we call "love".

What I have discovered along my journey is that love, true and eternal love, actually begins with the self.

I know, not very earth shattering is it? I am sure it is not the first time you have heard this particular statement, and I bet, if this is a concept that crosses your mind regularly that you're not all that happy about hearing it again.

However, I believe it IS quite earth shattering, it is momentous, and so VERY, VERY important.

No one will love you more than you love yourself. Making an agreement with yourself, your team and your "mate" whether future or now is more important than you might think.

I read some beautiful words just recently written by a lady called, Oriah Mountain Dreamer from a text called "The Invitation" and it really solidified this concept for me. Basically it wrote an invitation, with an open and loving heart, not tinged with regrets and bitterness from past loves, to the person she wished to have in her life. It was a soulful communication to the universe, her divine team and the lover than was yet to be in her life about the way she would chose to think, be and feel in eternal love. To e, it was also an agreement to let go of past experiences, to open her heart and soul to invite the love in.

In order to have eternal love, it is first important to be willing to receive it by loving yourself.

With love and light

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