Thursday, 20 September 2012

True friends are like diamonds

When I was a teenager I heard this saying, and it has come up again and again throughout my life. Today I was reminded of it again, it goes:

"Acquaintances are like autumn leaves, plentiful.
True friends are like diamonds, rare and precious."

The message this saying gave me then, and continues to give me now is that while you may have many people around you that you see, work with and talk with, it is important every now and again to assess those relationships and to look at what they mean to you.

Relationships, whether friendships, a life partner, with family or your own children really require one key caring. We have all had people in our lives who ring up, off load all the problems of the day on you and then say, "Gee, I feel so much better now thank you" and then hang up having NEVER once asked what might be happening in our world. We have all had people we have opened up to, told our story to only to find later that they didn't really care, they were just looking for some gossip to pass on. 

There are these people in the world...they exist and make these choices for themselves.

In terms of you (me) I choose relationships that bring me joy, make me laugh, sing and dance most of the time. There are times I may be the strength and wisdom, and times where I may be safely vulnerable, but mostly, there is joy and laughter.

Periodically I do a "friends check" I look to see if the relationship is one of joy and love, or whether we have moved apart and our lives consist of only mutual grief sharing. Then I make the choice to cut the chords to those people with whom my relationship is harmful (whether to me or them) and move foreword, sending them love and light and just distancing myself from close contact.

YOU get to choose the people in your life that make you happy and help you grow, choose them wisely, and remove your energy from those with whom your relationship is unhealthy.

With love and light

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