Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The leap of faith....

There have been some amazingly trying times within my human contract where I have found myself wondering if I had the chance for a cooling off period after I signed...I mean REALLY, who would volunteer for some of this stuff?

One of these times, is the moment of fear or indecision that comes before a really big decision, life change or choice. It happens, I am human so I have to have conversations with my brain and tell it to mind it's own business because heart is in control; I have to see at times through the eyes of comfort and fear before I come to the reality of intuition and divine guidance. I have terrible self doubt at times (I mean...I talk to angels...to most people, that's NOT normal *laugh*) and also times where I feel that life is a bit black and bleak and despite all my efforts and those of my divine team, I have to ride it out.

One of the most frightening moments is to be standing on the edge of a drop off (metaphorically) and seeing that across the chasm is the goal or aspiration where the journey continues.

What I was told/reminded of today was that I can, if I choose, just jump, I may start to fall a bit; in that moment, all I have to do is believe, have faith in myself and the divine team guiding my journey. I imagine as I am standing at the edge, that I have wings, sometimes I see them clearly and then I can take a running jump off the edge and soar across...not hard when you have wings. In those moments when I can't feel my wings and I am plagued by self doubt, fear, anger, guilt...I make the choice to jump anyway and feel them growing as I learn...

It sometimes takes courage to be great and live your choice....but as you jump off the edge of the precipice, you will feel your wings start to grow, tested by your circumstance, you find the strength you need.

With love and light
Today's remembrance was delivered to me by the faery who visited for a bit while I sat at the hairdressers today.

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