Monday, 8 October 2012

Another message on stillness

I went back to work today after a two week holiday, the alarm went off, I got up and slipped straight back into the routine I have followed for years, went in to work and started on the day's "stuff" quietly observing all of those around me for some reason.

There was plenty of discussion on what each had done on the holidays, but under all of that there was an almost unnoticed tension. I wondered at that, but soon dismissed it as, "not my job" (there is an earlier post on this if you would like more information) to solve and went about my day.

As I relaxed this afternoon in my garden courtyard with a cup of tea, it all of a sudden occurred to me what this "tension" might be.

Humans, as a gross generality, tend to fill their lives up with busy, busy, busy "stuff". At times it almost seems like a competition as to who can be the most busy and fill up their calenders with "busy" stuff. Today, being the first day back for all of us, with not a lot to plan and resource and all of those "things" teachers do before we actually work into a classroom, well there was tension because of the lack of business...what a contradiction right?

I think sometimes there is a tendency to thrive on the drama of being busy and being "swamped" with work and being "run off our feet" that when that is absent...there is this subtle tension as though something is wrong or missing. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else at times.

I took this today as another reminder to embrace stillness...

When we are scurrying around like ants in a nest, going here, being there, the "noise" of the world can drown out our inner guidance. Take a moment to slow down and embrace stillness.

With love and light

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