Sunday, 7 October 2012

Don't forget to ask...

We have this AMAZING divine connection, a whole team of beings willing to help, to heal, to guide, to comfort, to love, to forgive and to just be there! 

I know...WOW right???

So why is it that some people don't seem to feel the benefits? I asked myself this question today as I was chatting away to beautiful beings at the markets. Some people's knowledge of their team shone through their eyes, some people seemed to feel as though they were alone or ignored and forgotten, and some people even felt it was/is their job to tell me that everything I believe in is "make believe"....interesting! 

The answer when it came, like all answers once you know them, was so completely simple and obvious. The people who seem not to know that they have all of this help, love and comfort available to them...well, they're the ones who forgot to ask for help.

We have this thing called free will, we were all given the gift of making our own choices. The divine won't interfere with that. We have a choice whether we acknowledge our own divine connection or not, we have a choice whether we take the easy road or the hard road, we have choices every minute of every day and they are OURS to make, and the consequences are ours to accept too.

This whole amazing, loving and guiding team, must sit on their hands until you remember to give them permission to help you, to "intervene" as it were. In the mean time, they wait, and they watch, and they love us all the more. The very MINUTE we can open our hearts and give them permission to help...miracles happen.

So don't forget to ask for help, and give your divine team permission to arrange things for you.

With love and light

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