Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cut loose what no longer serves you

So many time I have made myself a slave to what I thought I "should" (I REALLY have a dislike for that word) do, or to holding on to things just because they had always been there or had always been done that way or other such nonsense.

One day, with the help and advice of a friend, I physically purged my living space. I went through everything with a fine tooth comb, and I was ruthless!!! *mean girl face...laughter*

I threw out things I had been holding on to for years, photographs, stuff from my primary school days, old art work failures, heaps of "stuff" that not only did I no longer use currently, I had no intention of ever using again....phew...what started out as an afternoon, turned into a three day overhaul. I do this every 6 months now, so it is an easier job.

Immediately after I had finished, I felt SO MUCH BETTER! At that stage I was in a pretty down period and I was struggling with getting out of bed each morning let alone living my joy-filled, amazing life *ironic smile*. I cried and carried on the whole time I was throwing things out, luckily my friend was persistent and courageous, she braved the litany of cursing, crying and raging that accompanied each item into the garbage bag, knowing the whole time, the emotional release follows the physical release. In this manner, I cleared the path for the life I live now, by releasing all of those things from my past.

Later, I started to apply this principle to ALL areas of my life...I stop and review every six months or so, and I make decisions about ALL things (people, places, jobs, children, work, blog writing, illustrating, markets, EVERYTHING). If any of those things are no longer suiting my purpose, filling me with joy the majority of the time, that I find myself doing with love and enthusiasm and thinking about them in the same way...then they have to go.

This is not a negative letting go of the things that no longer walk the same path or help me walk my path, I am opening the doors to new experiences and new people and places that may walk with me for the next stretch of road.

With love and light


  1. I have taken up this in most areas of my life, but not with any degree of regularity. It's an awesome tool for clearing the way for the new parts in our life. Yay.

  2. ...and really so easy too, when it comes right down to it :D Thanks for sharing Kidz ' Critters