Friday, 5 October 2012

With a heart full of gratitude

You know that when we each look at the world, it is through our very own, unique set of filters. Our filters are determined by our experiences, our perceptions, our innate personality and our choices. There is nothing wrong with having filters, in fact, they can be quite useful; for example, I choose the filter of positivity and delight as a lense through which I view the world. However, knowledge of our own particular filters is also quite useful.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was looking through a filter of frustration..... as you can imagine, nothing flowed very smoothly for me yesterday, I didn't get a great deal done, and what I did get done took FOREVER!!!!! *wry smile*

Today, before I got out of bed, I went through my mental, "Things I am grateful for" list. I smiled to myself, and thought, "I believe I have just chosen today's filter."

Everything was easy today! Nothing had changed about my world from yesterday, all things were the same, the house was still in the same state, the work was still piled up where I left it in disgust and frustration yesterday, the cat still disliked me...nothing had changed about the physical world. What HAD changed, was the filter I was using.

So I looked at the "stuff" I had on my 'to do' list, I asked myself the "Why does this matter and why am I doing it?' question, got straight to the heart of the matter and then away I went. I chose to be grateful I had things to work on, grateful for my Derwent pencils, grateful for the computer that had given me a frustrated feeling the day before, amazingly grateful for beautiful people who believe my words have some value for them, grateful for my perspective on the world, grateful for the mess in my house which tells me I have enough "stuff" to be messy and a place to be messy in...and on it went.

While I looked through the filter of frustration yesterday, all of these things were a "problem" for me. When I changed the filter to gratitude, they all became a delight and wonder and filled my heart.

With a heart full of gratitude and the love and wonder that brings, ALL things are possible and easy.

With love and light

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  1. OK, this is very cool and thanks for sharing it today. I definitely benefited from the clarification. My rose coloured glasses are firmly back in place, along with the view that anyone elses spectacles (view on life) can go jump. tee hee hee. Thanks again, much love and big hugs.