Thursday, 4 October 2012

Find your "why"

Looking into the mirror this morning, feeling exceptionally weary and a little bit like going straight back to bed to sleep for a week, I wondered to myself about "what" I could do today to spread more love and light across the globe. I asked myself the "things I should do today, and what I might have on the list of "things" to do for the week and suddenly, I didn't have the heart for any of it.

I saw the change in my reflection immediately and was amazed. The light went out of my eyes, I suddenly looked 103 instead of 36 years old, wrinkles and grey hair showed up far more clearly than they had only a moment ago!!!!!! Ooops.

I made a hasty retreat from the mirror (since it was telling me lies anyway *smile*) and made myself a cuppa, then made a bee line for my garden!

I didn't want to think about anything at all, what a nasty surprise to wake up to! So, I sat there with my coffee and my plants, listening to the birds. Feeling much better, I went inside to start some "work" I have illustrations to finish, images to create, school work and marking to complete, a thousand pictures in my head just yearning to come out and a billion other things besides  all of which, on any other day, I would have just launched myself into with gusto and gone about with methodical and enthusiastic aplomb......

I did nothing, I wandered about the house "looking" for something to do?????????????????

OK, back outside with another coffee and the garden.......

So far, this was not looking like it was going to be a productive day...hmmmmm..time for a discussion with my divine team of advisers *laugh* "So, what's going on guys?" I found myself asking, "Procrastinating or doing nothing is not my favourite thing as you know, so a little heads up on what's happening with today if you please."

Immediately a thousand (slight exaggeration  downloads of information, blog posts to write, pictures to draw, creative projects for the markets.....woah...hang on, slow down, ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!

Then there was silence....

Right, let's try again....

I sat there in the silence, repeatedly instructing my brain to go back to sleep and stop interfering, and relaxing my body, breathing deeply and focusing my intention on just ONE step for today....

Over and over, whispered in my mind came the phrase, "Why". It wasn't a question though, it seemed REALLY important, but for the moment I couldn't grasp what I was actually being told. "Why". 

Then all of a sudden, with earth shattering clarity it hit me.....FIND YOUR WHY!

Over the last few months I have fretted, worried, shifted, changed, transitioned, moved, restructured, rewritten, redone, adjusted and sorted, been frustrated over "things and stuff" and generally being really irritable that I couldn't seem to do what I felt in my heart was to be done and consequently was seeing no results....*sigh*

All I was being asked to do was to refocus on the "why";  Why do I choose the path I am on? Why is it important? Why am I persisting even though it "seems" difficult right now? 

The WHY is the most important thing, details, planning, "stuff" won't make a lick of difference if the "why" is not kept as the clear focus of all that we do.

So I sat down and remembered my why:

"To spread the magic of loving words and the power of just being forgiving. To help others understand they are amazing, powerful and perfect just the way they are. To be the best me I can be"

Suddenly, all was right with the world again...I took a peek in the mirror, yep, back to 36... revitalised, and re-energised the jumbled list of "stuff" was miraculously transformed into a list of priorities in my head with a clear goal, focus and time line.

You see, WHY you do something is FAR more important than HOW. Leave the details to the divine and spend a moment of two remembering WHY. If you can't think of why, time to change the script and rewrite one that includes a really strong why.

With love and light

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