Wednesday, 3 October 2012

You only value what you have to work for

I am sure that everyone has had times in their life where everything seems to be really hard, where every victory has to be fought for and every step forward is a struggle?

During one such moment, sick to death of having to fight for everything and feeling like everything was a struggle, I DEMANDED that my divine team tell me WHY everything had to be so hard, WHY I seemed to have to learn my lessons and remember my knowledge in the most difficult manner.

The answer took me totally by surprise....

I heard it quite clearly, and I suddenly couldn't do anything other than laugh!

The answer was so simple. Things SEEMED hard and it looked as though I had to struggle to make any forward ground because that is exactly what I EXPECTED! Somewhere along the line, I bought into the notion that the only things with value are things that are not easy to obtain. That we cherish only that which we have worked hard for, that nothing worth having is easily obtained...and all of those other clich├ęd sayings!!!!!!


For someone who seemingly "understands" that words and perception create our reality, I had made a serious misunderstanding!

From that moment on, I took the perspective that my life lessons and my journey can be/are easy; the journey is blessedly smooth and free of obstacles and that I will hear and listen to the divine guidance offered to me.

The universe will ALWAYS provide you with what you EXPECT! I choose the easy and joyful journey.

With love and light


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