Thursday, 18 October 2012

Impossibilities and blocks

I was really surprised one day recently when someone said to me, "How do you do everything you do and do it well? I mean, where do you find the time?" I was surprised because I didn't really understand the question.

When I thought about it later, I think I understood what they were trying to get at. It seems, I suppose, that at times I work miracles because people don't always see the work that goes into something. I guess as well, that because I seem to do a "lot" of things all at once (author, illustrator, mother, full time teacher, faery lady at the markets...all of that) that I wouldn't have time for myself or time off etc. I am just guessing here, but I think that was the reason for the questions this person was asking me.

My answer? Well, either I don't listen to, or no one told me that, doing all of these things at once was/is impossible. 

I decided to do these things, and just set about making them happen because I was unaware, that to most people, this seemed like an impossible task.

All of the limitations and boundaries that people have (myself included) come from a belief that something is not possible. They are human constructs, brain and ego acting in concert to keep us in our comfort zone because it's "safe" there.

The truth is, that once you have set your intentions on a goal, a particular destination or a set of circumstances, the entire universe will align in order to help you reach it. No blockages, no boundaries...nothing is impossible...unless of course you believe it is.

I can do what I do because I don't think about the fact that most people think it is impossible!

With love and light

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