Friday, 19 October 2012

Let some opportunities pass you by

There are some opportunities I am grateful for the insight to allow me to pass them by. There are some opportunities that I am thankful are not presented more than once every now and again.

It seems a little odd doesn't it, to be asking for opportunities to go without ever taking them up? But...

I like every opportunity to be mean to pass me by, every opportunity to judge, to denigrate, to be thoughtless or disrespectful in any way...I celebrate the fact that I have watched those opportunities come and go without the slightest temptation to take them up.

Some times, surrendering these opportunities is a test in patience and gives me a true insight into my own perceptions and judgements. Sometimes I am not always successful in letting them go.

Let's face it, it is really easy to offer a judgement, it is easy to find humour in picking on others or making sport of them...however, it is JUST as easy to smile, offer love, offer forgiveness and walk away celebrating the success in passing up the opportunity to be mean.

With love and light

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