Monday, 22 October 2012

Protect yourself as the butterfly emerges

Several times today I have heard the message, from several different people that you cannot place your complete trust in anyone other than yourself because eventually, people will let you down.....

Oh I cannot tell you how my heart hurts to hear this information passed on.

I cannot say that it is even possible for me to ascribe to this message, however, it did bring to mind an important lesson for me today about protecting myself.

I have found that the further I walk along my chosen path and the more I develop into the true me, with understanding of my divine connection, the more sensitive I seem to be. I am food sensitive (vegetarian only for me now) I am often sound and smell sensitive and I am most definitely sensitive in exposure to nastiness and displays of hurtful behaviour whether towards myself, towards others or just in a movie or TV programme. 

Rather than diminishing my capacity to function in the world (the sensitivity that is) this has led me to be more careful about setting boundaries and protecting myself from harm, either emotional or physical.

There are people who attempt to tell me that I live in a fantasy world, that I am not who I claim to be and who attempt to "dream steal" in other ways like telling me not to pursue something, "for my own good" and to "give me a dose of reality." These are not bad people, in fact, some of them are people I love very much, and I do not judge or condemn them for this view of the world.

What I do though, is choose very carefully, the people who are allowed in to "hear" and "see" the real me who is emerging, especially when I feel a little vulnerable and fragile. I place FULL trust in myself, in my divine team and in a few humans I know *smile* who are very special to me. Other people still get the real me, I walk my walk and am authentic in all ways, however, they are not made privy to my thoughts, to my aspirations and to my growth.

As I grow, I choose the people who get to see that growth and walk beside me. 

It is not a matter of judgement, it IS a matter of protecting myself. To love without allowing others to abuse me, to give without being taken advantage of, to trust, but not be naive.

I draw on my instinct and my divine connection to help me know the difference here.

Show your pure heart only to those that inspire
With love and light

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