Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The danger of overthinking

All the time I talk about following your heart and your impulses and telling your brain to  "take a hike" when it tries to interfere with negativity and fear. What I don't think I have ever talked about, is why I think this is important and helpful.

The immediate impact is really obvious I think *hehehe*. Any source that inputs negativity and fear based energy through thoughts or any other means, can't help but hold you back. Eliminating any source of negativity from the diet that nourishes your soul will have an immediately positive influence.

The long term effects are astounding. Initially, when I first relearned the concept of trusting the positive inner voice we all have access to, I would "sit down and think" about the messages I heard, the outcomes I had felt and the impacts in general. This of course doesn't seem like it is something that may be inhibiting, however, the tendency to "think everything to death" was actually causing inaction all in itself. You see, I would spend so much time pondering the message and the wonder of hearing it, that I would either forget to take action on it, or I would let the opportunity pass simply because I had spent too much time and energy thinking about it. 

Over thinking, the tendency to mull over all of the details, to  feel through all of the scenarios and to try and fathom the next steps can have the same impact as having not heard the message at all.

I am of course not saying that it is harmful to look at all the options and take a moment or two to ponder before leaping in....not at all. It is through this process that sometimes further information or messages will/can be delivered to us through that inner voice and intuition.

What I am talking about, is spending so much time thinking about why and how and when, that we somehow forget to "do".

With love and light

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