Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The energy of the universe

In order to tap into the universal source of energy, it's really important (I think) to understand what it is and how it works.

Understand, that this is PURELY my opinion, others may have amazingly unique and varied opinions on what they think this is about, and I am more than happy to hear them...any and all information adds to the total sum, so bring it on if you have something to add. *big smile*

My theory is this, the universe operates completely on one type of energy...LOVE!


So, in order to maximise your impact, to most effectively use universal energy to manifest the reality and life you desire, all you have to do is LOVE!

The only thing that can fix heart break is love.
The only thing that can soothe the wounded soul is love.
The thing that attracts positive experiences is love.
The thing that gives us joy and makes the world shine in bright colours is love.
The thing that is contagious, infectious and easily passed on and shared is love.
Creativity comes from love.
Forgiveness comes from love.

I think of it this body, my heart, my soul are all perfect conductors for this energy. Love can pass into me and revitalise me, and it can flow out of me to heal, comfort and protect. Love can fill me up continuously and is REALLY easy to obtain (through gratitude, hugging, smiling, sharing, laughing, singing, playing, imagining  drawing, reading, seeing, sitting, running, skipping, to name a few). Love recharges my batteries and helps me in the work I do. Love creates a dynamic field of positivity that projects out from me wherever I go making the journey smoother and the impact I have on others magical. I don't have to think about love, I don't have to be without love, I will never run out of love nor can anyone take it away from me. It is plentiful, wonderful and powerful.

Sit for a minute, close your eyes and mentally open the doors to your heart. Feel the love pouring in, surrounding you, permeating every part of your being. Let that love shine out of your eyes and surround you in a magical and colourful swirling vortex. Give it away freely to all of those around one has to be "deserving" of love, just give it away with all of you and feel it bounce back, recycle around and fill you back up. Love is exponential, it doesn't just come back in the same quantity you gave it out, love expands and multiplies and virtually explodes through the world once you let it loose.

When people ask me what my secret is when it comes to managing "difficult" students, I tell them, "I love them, unconditionally, in the way their Mummies do." Love is THAT powerful in bringing about change.

The only thing that is real, and has the power to create powerful change, is love.

With love and light (spreading the good stuff around *smile*)

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