Thursday, 11 October 2012

Being a committed sardine...

Someone in my life stepped in front of my path today to tell me a story...I LOVE it when that happens...and it gave me hope and strength and courage. As he was telling me this story, I felt really strongly that I wanted to pass this on, and all day I have eagerly awaited the moment where I could sit down and write today's post.

In acknowledgement, today's post is really bought to us by the Earth angel who told me this story *smile*

So the story goes, that sardines are really quite social beings and are really more like a herd. They all follow each other and go in the same direction. This behaviour has been scientifically studied extensively and it was found, that it only takes two sardines, committed to changing direction and swimming against the current of the rest of the school, to change the direction that everyone is swimming!


What is so fantastic about that is that I know, that there are not only two sardines in this human school we have, who are choosing to swim in a completely different direction....there are heaps of us. I know there's me (definitely choosing to choose my own reality), there are all of you (reading this post now makes you one of those amazing, unique and beautiful souls open to the idea of changing directions...more than likely, already swimming another way) and then there are the hundreds and thousands more who are swimming against the stream in all parts of the yeah...I'm excited.

The personal message I took from this story is that I cannot change the way people think, feel and view the world. I cannot make them see what I see (nor is that my right or my job either) However, what I can do, is live the change I would wish to see in the world and be the person I would see; commit myself to that reality knowing that my commitment will  shine a light for others.

With love and light (and massive amounts of commitment.)

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