Friday, 12 October 2012

When it's all too much

Have you had one of those days when it all just seems to be too much? The littlest thing becomes a major crisis, the smallest change in routine becomes a titanic annoyance and really, you just want to say some rude words and hide under your bed cover until everyone goes away?

Well you are certainly not alone in that!

I periodically go through times when I refuse to answer the phone, talk to other humans or do anything because everything seems like it is far to much for me to cope with.

I have learnt to recognise these symptoms as moments in time to STOP, recharge the batteries, honour my boundaries and rest with myself.

Our bodies are really fine tuned into what we need for our higher good. So, I honour the moments when my body tells me...ENOUGH ALREADY!

I just wanted to tell this story to point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if these moments come over you too. It just means you are getting the message to stop and take care of you. Sometimes, because I'm a human, I work a job, I am a mother and all those other things, I cannot just stop dead right then and there and curl up into foetal position for a nice Nana nap, however, I make sure that until I can do this, I am gentle with myself, avoid harsh or confronting situations, drink heaps of water and do a whole lot of remembering to breather.

The house work will wait, the marking of exam papers will wait, everything will wait until I have had time to look after me.

This weekend I have decided to go on a date with me *grinning* I am going to pack myself a picnic, get in the car, find a beautiful spot to sit for the afternoon, and just forget about everything else.

I ask myself these questions when it comes to taking time out for myself:

If I go on a picnic and take time for me will...
1. The Earth stop spinning?
2. The sun decide to rise in the west instead of the east?
3. Anyone die as a result?

If the answer is "no" to all of those questions...well I go ahead and take time out.

With love and light

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