Monday, 15 October 2012

The little voice inside of you

You know that little voice inside of you that whispers guidance  or sometimes even tells you what is about to happen....and then it DOES happen? You know the voice I mean? The one that says turn left here, even though you had no intention of turning that way, and then you do and everything is perfect because it was the exact short cut you needed to be on time.

You know that voice?

That voice is your soul, your team, the divine that is within can trust it.

Call it intuition, call it signs and messages from your divine team, call it universal energy, call it whatever you will, the fact of the matter is all of us have this voice inside of us, guiding, directing, supporting and assisting.

There is another voice too though...the one that says, "That'll never work," and "tell her she's dreaming," and other things like that. Do you know that voice? That is our brain and ego trying to impose itself upon our conscious mind in order to keep us in a safe place comfort zone, to prevent us taking risks, increasing fear, and basically being negative.

Out of the two, I know which voice I'm choosing to listen to...

With love and light

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