Sunday, 14 October 2012

Next steps

One of the gifts given to me on my journey so far is the ability to focus my intention on letting go. Earlier, I found it really difficult to forgive and to look past the actions of someone else when they were being hurtful, most particularly if that hurt was inflicted willingly, or to my perception, maliciously. I would refuse to work with people I knew were doing these things, and I found I couldn't even look at them without the contempt for their actions shining through my eyes. I found myself being a very harsh judge of my fellow humans and actively disliking people because of their choice of actions.

It was given to me to understand that in doing as I was doing, I was actually displaying the worst part of my humanness  *sad face and hurting heart*

This came about because I was in the middle of judging, in quite a harsh way, the actions of someone I felt was being deliberately malicious and cruel. In the middle of this rant, the friend I was talking to said something like, "Well aren't we being a cat?" I stopped dead, truly affronted that my friend had accused me of being catty and awful when I was just telling her about the actions of another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know...the irony! *sigh*

I was mad at my friend for quite some time and then I actually sat down and thought about what she had said, realising of course, that she was right.

From that moment forward, I have focused all on my intention and will when interacting with others, to seeing the true person, not the human form; the divine that lies within us all. In this way I can step back from judgement and from actions that are harmful to me and others, whether they are hearing it or are the recipient. 

It is easy for us to fall into the pattern of condemning and judging others, however, it is magnificent when we choose to SEE the pure being that is each of us.

Be slow to judge and quick to see the divine light that makes up us all. In focusing our intention on love and forgiveness instead of condemnation and judgement, we are saving ourselves.

With love and light


  1. Amazing, that is lovely. Imagine every one of the looking at as well as writing you could do... Cold in the winter however.