Tuesday, 20 November 2012

When I think a day might be terrible...

There are some days, and I know we've all had them, where I wake up, think of the day ahead, and instead of being filled with gratitude and delight for the day to come, I feel a sense of dread or foreboding. These times are usually when I have something to do that I feel may be unpleasant.

Having had enough lessons now in the power of thoughts *wry grin* I choose not to dwell on the negative thoughts my brain might be trying to convince me are the events to come.

Instead, i choose to send forth love into the day ahead of me. I consciously project love energy and positivity into the day imagining that there is a rosy gold light coming from me, travelling down the time line into the rest of the day...all this before I get out of bed. *smile*

Any moment I feel could be unpleasant is layered with love, healing, forgiveness and the expectation that things will turn out well. Then, as I approach the moment, I imagine seeing all of this amazing wonderfulness waiting for me there where I sent it earlier.

This visualisation helps to calm my fears, distance myself from the emotions I choose not to feel, and to have a sense of expectation rather than dread or fear.

As is the nature and laws of the divine universe, the things we focus on the most are what we will actually achieve.

A GREAT example is a supervision class I was asked to take. This is where a teacher goes in to take over from another teacher because they are away; so the class is not your own, the subject is often one you're not qualified to teach, there is no rapport with the students a lot of the time, and students usually see this as an opportunity to show their least angelic faces...after all, why not if you can get away with it? *grin* I looked at the class list and did a bit of a mental shudder. I looked at the subject and thought, "I am well out of my depth here." I thought to myself, "this could get ugly!"

Giving myself a shake, I immediately snipped off this thread of thought and started visualising what I expected to happen in a positive and loving way. I sent my love before me, and had the most awesome and amazing lesson with a group of students I don't usually have much contact with. I got to praise their efforts, thank them for their courtesy and consideration and reward them by taking them out from class a few minutes early to lunch!!!!!!


With love and light

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