Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A key secret to succeeding in life...

There is no one secret that can be passed from one person to another, that will guarantee or prove successful for every person. This is not a "one size fits all" kind of life (awesomely cool really!). However, having said that, I have found there are some key ingredients which, when added to your overall mix, most certainly add together for having the highest possible chances.

One of these things is looking at the list of things you wish to achieve, from the biggest (reaching thousands with my words of healing and message of love, having children and parents read my stories and discovering the magic within) to the smallest (getting the laundry done and my four year old pixie in bed at a decent hour) and then make some decisions.

Your time is NOT an infinite resource, each moment in time is quite precious and should be treated as such. Making decisions about how you prioritise your time and therefore the things that are the most important to you, is a great way to start ensuring that when you spend time on things they are important things and that you are maximising the time you spend.

There have been times I have been so wrapped up in being supper Mumma, in having home baked goods for the lunch box, having a spotless and ordered house, and being extra super organised about getting us here, and being there etc.  I often find, during these times I am pleased with my "Superness" and yet, these are the times that, when my little one goes to bed, I realise we didn't do much playing, or spending time together.... *REALLY sad face* In short, I realise my prioritising of my time did NOT match with the things I feel are most important, and I feel awful!!!!!

I look at my time as a commodity, valuable beyond compare (and the time of others also). My "to do" list is filled with things I feel are the most important, and this is updated daily to change with my changing priorities. 

With this, there are also a LOT of things that I have NO time for, refuse to make time for, and account no priority to at all....

Complaining about "stuff"
Things I have no control over and am powerless to change.

...and a whole heap more, but I know you get the point *smile*

If you don't feel as though you are walking fast enough towards you goal, have a GOOD look at where you are spending the very precious commodity of your time and see if making a few changes might not improve matters.

After all, the clearer you set your intentions and focus on those things you wish to see more of, the faster the universe acts to create the opportunities you need.

With love and light

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