Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another key secret to success

OK, so I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment *smile* and am being asked to pass on these really simple, yet impactful truths about the way I view myself and the things I do in terms of being successful.

Just as an aside, we all have our own models for what "success" actually looks like, obviously, when I am talking about this topic, I am totally influenced by my own definition *wry grin*

So today, I was confronted with remembering another key to living a successful life. It is so simple I actually overlooked it as a key factor...duh.

Speaking kindly to yourself and loving your whole self from your every particle is one of the BIGGEST contributors to being successful. 

There is simply NO point to putting yourself down, punishing yourself, or dwelling on mistakes and perceived rejections. The only thing this does to and for you, is to slow you down and undermine your confidence in taking the next step.

Being human, there WILL be mistakes, there ARE moments I am sure I would have liked to choose another path or another way of dealing with a situation. There are times when I feel TOTALLY lost, and places I wish with all of my heart that I had NEVER put myself in or chosen (Reading the fine print on the contract far more closely next time *laughing).

However, what I know now (finally) is that NONE of these things has the power to stop me, to dissuade me or to prevent me from seeking my truth and my successful life. None of these things are worth punishing myself relentlessly for, nor are they necessarily moments I "had to go through" even though they have certainly acted to show me my strengths. None of these things, "mistakes" if you will can define who I choose to be. They are only moments in time, not great ones, but all the better for that.

Forgive instantly, love unconditionally and respect yourself for not only who you are, but the person you choose to be from this moment on.

With love and light

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