Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The instructions I am given

I am always being given fantastic advice and instructions from the divine. These are sometimes in the nature of dreams, impulses, intuition (for want of a better word), dreams, repeated signs, songs, so-called "coincidences" and a range of other things.

I would LOVE to tell you I always listen to and follow those instructions and advice *sheepish grin* but I don't make a habit out of lying, even on seemingly little things! 

Needless to say, those times when I haven't listened, I soon discover why it would have been to my advantage to do so... *Wry grin*

The ones I really want to focus on tonight is the information I am constantly getting from my body. The simple version is, that every part of me, every fibre, tissue, cell, molecule, understands the connection to the divine that we all have. It KNOWS the contract, knows what's best for me, and the choices that would equal perfect and divine health. It is my connection to both the earth, and the divine all in one.

Last Thursday, I had to have some surgery (don't worry, sparing you the details) and as circumstances were at the time, I had to go on my own, staying overnight in a hotel as the hospital is a three hour drive each way from where I live. When I arrived, I found I had been given little to no information, was being condescended to and treated as the body part being dealt with rather than as a human being. That there was limited compassion and a WHOLE lot of judgement. As the day progressed (It had started at 4am when I had hit the road to get to the place) I became increasingly more distressed. I called on the whole team to be there, Raphael in particular. I was OK, but certainly not fantastic. 

As I sat waiting in the common waiting area, dressed in my ultra attractive surgical gown I began to have second thoughts about the whole deal. Raphael calmly informed me that "chickening out" was not really an option (damn!) I was moved to the pre-op area to wait for someone to come and give me the initial bout of chemicals and there was a picture on the wall of a path leading through a forest. As I sat there, I imagined walking through the forest with Raphael having a chat about the procedure and the after procedure care and all of the things I was frightened about.

At one point, I asked about all of the pain and the anti-biotic and other drugs I had been told I MUST take and the like. I live a reasonably natural existence, using herbs to treat most things, and was reluctant to take any chemical drugs, although I was certainly not going to refuse western treatment or any thing like that.

Raphael challenged me to heal myself! 

As I went into the surgery, all I could think about was how I could heal myself????????

After the operation, as I was lying on the bed in my hotel room, it suddenly "came to me" that I could just ask my body to heal itself. "What a strange idea" I thought to myself, but as I thought that (with my brain) my heart said, "Go on, can't hurt any worse than you do right now can it?" So, I set myself to the task of imagining a discussion with every cell in my body *laugh* This may have been made easier with the after effects of a general anaesthetic. I gave every cell the instruction that energy was to be converted to the place of surgery; that it was ALL hands on deck and the wound needed to be pain free and healing and ready for the three hour car trip home the next day. I also issued orders that I was to be fit for work on the following Monday. I went to sleep smiling to myself and laughing at what a "silly goose" I was.

I have been virtually pain free since the surgery, I have not taken the anti-biotic chemicals, instead using calendular and ginger (naturally occurring anti-biotic) because that's what my body said would be OK. No infection, and...a week later, other than some bruising, absolutely no evidence that I had the surgery at all.

Knock me over with a feather! That ACTUALLY worked *laugh*

I am of course, not suggesting that anyone ignore medical advice, or not seek treatment of they need to. After all, Raphael suggested the visit which led to the need for surgery being discovered. (Just as an aside, I also asked him to take care of finding me a really good specialist too *smile*) What I am saying is, that within each of us, is a most amazing and powerful tool; an unbelievably strong connection to the divine. Every cell in your body is attuned and waiting for your permission.

Give yourself permission to be powerful and hear the instructions you are given! Honour the voice inside of you that tells you what course to's the divine, you can trust it.

With love and light

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