Thursday, 24 January 2013

Can you feel it, can you feel it?

In my head right now is that song that goes, "Can you feel it? Can you feel it....can you feeeel it?" I have no idea who wrote or sang in, sometime in the 80's...right now though, a very poignant message in many ways.

Over the last few days I have made a really conscious effort and decision to no longer shelter the whole of me from the world. A lot of the time, up until now, I do not take my whole self to places. The brightest light shining part of me, the part that is the most thoroughly connected and a little bit vulnerable to hurt, gets protected by a crystal shield every time I leave the protection on my sacred home. 

No more (well mostly *smile*)

I have decided this for many reasons, the most important and influential of which was a message, and urging from my divine team. This provoked some interesting commentary from me starting with, "You want me to do WHAT??????? WHEN???? You mean ALLLLLL the time????" *laugh* It took some convincing and MANY signs before i would follow through on this one.

I am sure you can predict the results from previous

Yep, you guessed correctly, as soon as i followed the signs and instructions, and walked out into the world shining brightly and letting all people see the all of me, I noticed a magic shift in the winds. Our power/ability to influence each other is astronomical, and is even stronger when shining the full and loving intent of our divine selves. 

Nothing seems hard or even impossible. People have responded to me beautifully where at other times they may not have....magic.

I feel we are on the verge of a mass consciousness shift...there are more and more people waking up (So to speak) to the true them, to remembering the love and majestic moments that occur when we listen to the inner voice guiding and protecting us....can you feel it?

With love and light

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