Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's all about perspective really

Exponential learning curve for me in the last few months has been the concept of choosing the way I view potentially negative situations. There are a lot of times in my profession (my real world profession of teaching that is) where I am confronted with massive amounts of ego, of people taking things personally and then seeking revenge and general nastiness.

I have often struggled in coping with these situations without feeling large amounts of heart hurt. It makes me feel terribly sad to see the way human beings treat each other, it is only us, of all creation, that has this incredible sense of cruelty towards others of our kind. *sad

I choose a different perspective, that has been long in the learning/remembering and understanding of. Often I have heard people say, "Just smile, it will either make them warm to you, or annoy them, either way, you win" While I don't necessarily subscribe to this exactly, the intent is sound.

During a particularly trying time of judgement and conflict with and from others, I finally found myself in a place to practise seeing differently in a way that was easy.

I have a fantastic imagination and I bought it into play in this defining moment. *smile* It was like this; a beautiful light bringer friend of mine sees the love energy we share as brightly coloured bubbles (awesome right?) and so, when I felt myself subjected to some not very pleasant "stuff" I pictured myself blowing love bubbles at them. Soon, I saw the tantrums as amusing rather than annoying, I saw the nasty comments as a reflection of their lack of self worth rather than a personal affront to me (I know this is still a steps...*smile*) and I looked at all of these behaviours from INSIDE the biggest, most multi-coloured love bubble you could ever imagine. It worked. I came home feeling NO impact whatsoever from THEIR CHOICES...none!

There was a moment or two where even the love bubble trick was not working, and in those moments I sang a little nonsensical ditty inside my head that went something along the lines of, "There's a light being here, and another over there, there is light in their clothes, their is light in their hair, there's a lot of lovely light in the air, everywhere, it's a lovely kind of day."  Who couldn't be smiling after singing this to themselves? *Laugh* This served to remind me that even though the current actions chosen were not from a place of love, that the amazing light bringer was in there still, and that was who I would choose to see and direct my attention to.

The FREEDOM I feel today is amazing....I released my need to judge others for their actions, embraced the love and light that resides within us all regardless of our current choices...and I did it all by singing and imagining big bubbles of easy is that!?

With love and light

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