Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Are you giving people permission?

I LOVE this quote:

 "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent: ~Eleanor Roosevelt. 

I love it for so many different reasons, the main one being the power it transfers into my hands when I read it.

We have all had people in our lives from time to time whom we feel gave us the impression that we were/are less than, who gave us the impression that what we could give, was never going to be enough.

All of us, at some time or another, will have a crisis of confidence based on what we believe others perception of us to be.

Each time I have experienced something like this, a sign from the divine pops up, like this quote, and reminds me that the only judgement I should be concerned with is my own...and even then, first making sure my own opinion is not reinforced by the belief of others.

In understanding that it is through giving people permission that we allow them to impact on us, we receive all of the power for our purpose and direction back into our own hands. Denying people permission to judge, or for their judgements to impact on us, is a very basic first step into growing into the co-creators of our own destiny and outcomes.

People have a right to their own opinion, just as I have a right not to acknowledge theirs *smile* I have no real desire to know what other people are thinking of me or saying about me (unless of course that it's that I am amazingly awesome *laugh*) It's their opinion, and most of the time, the people saying stuff about me, know nothing of me anyway. So why should their opinion count for anything?

Take back your permissions, refuse to acknowledge the negativity of others and to accept THEIR judgements of you. Don't listen, don't accept the information if someone tries to tell you, don't repeat it, dwell on it, or give it any power over you at all. Reaffirm your own self worth, look in the mirror and remember that you are AMAZING, and that everyday, you bring a beauty and a light into the world in a way no one else can.

With love, light and respect

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