Saturday, 19 January 2013


One of the key factors I recognised on my unplanned "sabbatical" has been the power in persistence.

Not one of the people seen as achieving all of their worldly goals and reaching for the starts has got there on the first go...really. If there has been someone, I am completely unaware of them *smile*

Putting my intentions forward, safeguarding my dreams, making plans and taking steps is WONDERFUL,  but it all comes to nought if I am willing to give it all up at the first sign of difficulty.

As an early example in my life; I became pregnant with my first son at the age of 19, unwed, having only just begun my university studies, in an extremely devout catholic family...not a great place to find myself *wry grin* I was told I had, "ruined my life" by multiple people (not all my family members, I thought I should clarify) and that there was no use in planning for a future......

Hmmmm..... nope, that option is not for me thanks.

So, things were a LOT different from the plan I had formed and the dreams I envisaged for myself. Things that were easy became a little harder at times, but I simply would NOT relinquish my goal.

Sure, I made some adjustments, took a slightly different road, had some different choices and forks in the road than I may have had if things were different...but this did not change my end goal...and so, I persevered. No matter how hard, no matter how tired, no matter how broke, or how disaffected I felt, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I got there six long years later...and ooohhhh, the satisfaction!

With perseverance, I had two amazing things instead of the originally planned one; I had my degrees for the career I am passionate about...but more importantly, I had with me a gorgeous, beautiful, amazing child!!! Wooohoooo, two for the price of one *laugh*

Bottom line is, if the goal you set in your purpose, if it is what you truly want with your whole heart...then persevere, because if you are willing to give up when the going gets a little rough, well then, perhaps the goal was not what you really, really desire??? If it is, then keep taking those steps, don't give up, because the next step may be the one that leads you to the end zone.

With love and light

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