Sunday, 20 January 2013

You're allowed to have bad days

One of the things I have remembered recently is to allow myself to feel how I feel no matter how that may be.

Choosing a path of love and forgiveness in all things has it's "moments"; moments where it's lonely, moments where it's frustrating, moments where playing by the rules (the rules of our own personal integrity and therefore our own making) is difficult and seems unjust, moments where it seems to be a disadvantage or weakness for a moment or two....oh can be all of these things, just as any other path can be.

What I reminded myself of today, was that having one of these moments does not mean I am failing at, or lacking in anything. It means I am human, and that while I share the very nature and love of the divine, I am also subject to these moments that seem to have no understanding and no purpose. At these times, I choose to just let the feelings run their course. Sometimes this means phoning a friend, or sharing those thoughts and moments (although I do try to be cautious about sharing these moments who love and support me and are happy just to hear me out) or to ask for help in passing through these moments.

I seek solace often in the company of nature, whether through the soothing energy of the sea, the majestic patience of old forest trees, or the young and energetic comfort of my veggie garden, nature is a magnificent healer, and a lovely place to convalesce so to speak.

I think it is important to step away from judging myself when I have a "moment" like this, to not feel I am failing or taking a step backwards or in any other way view this experience as a negative thing. It just is just me in this moment. I also see no point in trying to suppress or hide these moments from myself either (although naturally I attempt to ensure others aren't impacted).

I guess what I am attempting to say is that it is REALLY OK to have a bad day...even a few in a row if need be *wry smile* sometimes, walking away from these moments I come to a fuller understanding of who I am, what may be troubling me, and the direction I would like to choose to avoid another moment like this that is the this point, having this moment becomes a gift, another skill to add to my healing tool kit.

Give yourself permission to feel in whatever way you feel. It's not wrong, or right, it just is ...

With love and light

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  1. Hello, sorry u feel down, hope it passes soon n u feel better :D

    I like ur angel blog btw, its really interesting. I've had some strange experiences before, I wrote about them on my page…

    Don't know much about angels, maybe u could shed some light on things, I could sure use some guidance right now :D