Sunday, 27 March 2011

Archangel Raphael...

I would like to more formally introduce you to a great guide, loving and gentle entity, and a divine healer. He is of course Archangel Raphael.

When I 'see' him (or imagine if that makes you more comfortable) he is always dressed in a rich forest green, he has dark hair, big , liquid brown eyes and is stout and muscular.

He is the Archangel who has taken responsibility for health and healing. Naturally, being a healer, he is my constant guide and companion. Not a moment goes by when I don't sense his presence near me. Naturally, it is at its strongest when I am actually performing healing work. Don't worry though that he is always by me, he is an angel, this means he can be in as many places at once as he needs to be with no reduction in the energy and love he can help you to tap into.

Raphael can be somewhat stern and abrupt I have found at times. With all the healing the world needs, he focuses his time and attention on getting the jobs done. I have felt his anger when people are not listening and are deliberately doing things that are harmful and hurtful.. Having said this, he is kind, gentle and patient with these people as well.

As I have mentioned before, often messages from Raphael center on his name for me. It's like he wants me to know that the information I am receiving comes directly from him and therefore can be trusted.

Like all angels, Rapahel will not intervene unless you give him permission to do so. Angels will NOT violate your free will, and ability to choose for yourself.

His healing centers around anything related to well being. He does assist for any situation that can effect well being and others as well as needs be.

To ask for his help either for yourself or others that is all you have to do...ask.

When I ask for Raphael to help me, I imagine myself shrouded in green light, then simply ask for him to help me. Sometimes he tells me exactly what I need to eat, drink or do to feel better (or for my client to feel better), sometimes he directs me to a medical professional. At other times he "simply" gives me confidence and comfort to enable me to do what I need to do and he lends me his own energy to help in healing others.

Raphael is a wonderful and helping divine on him for help any time and he will answer you quickly. Listen for his response and follow his suggestions.

Bear in mind, angels only give truthful, and positive information. Anything that is harmful or hurtful does not come from a divine source...angels just don't do that :)

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