Friday, 25 March 2011

Positive affirmation and manifestation...

Two really BIG topics.

I thought though, that it wouldn't hurt to give a bit of an overview on them. These two topics are so closely linked anyway.

Positive affirmation is about affirming (embracing, stating, similar to confirm) the things you want and the good things that others do. That is a bit of an over simplification, but it does fit. Positive affirmation of others is a powerful tool that is right up there with random acts of kindness. It is a way to heal others, to boost their spirits, to help them, to instill confidence. I use this tool daily in relationship to all of the people I come into contact. Words cost me nothing (as you can see, I am not shy about telling people what and how I think) but they can make a great deal of difference to others.

I am not talking about randomly dropping insincere compliments either. In order for positive affirmation to work effectively in healing others, it must be genuine. You have to mean it, and feel it as you are saying it. Teenagers are especially good at pin pointing a fraud in this area, and they will unmercifully punish you for it. One of the things I have done unconsciously when dealing with my students is to give them nick names. I can often be heard arriving for class saying, "Good morning angels! Ready for math? You're going to love it today, I know it." This was just something I did, without even thinking about it. Seemed to me I was only practicing courtesy and role modelling it for my students. That is, until I was asked to stop it by a member of my administration team. This person was not very far along their own path of personal growth. They pointed out to me that this type of greeting was inappropriate and might make people think I was developing too close a relationship with the students I teach. That I could offend people by making statements like this. I was stunned to say the least. However, the very next lesson with a class, I omitted the reference to angels, and just said good morning. I was met with an uproar from the class. They demanded to know why I wasn't calling them angels anymore, what they had done wrong so that they weren't my angels anymore, and refused to enter the room let alone get settled for work until I had explained myself. (Definitely a class full of beautiful indigo children).
You see, despite the fact that these students protested mildly at being called angels ("Yeah right Miss, sure you're talking about us?"), because I said it to them everyday and because I genuinely meant it, they had begun to believe they were special (because they are, and I believe they are). When I suddenly didn't affirm the belief I had sewn, they demanded an explanation. I wondered whether this was one of my 'keys' to handling "unruly" students? When I thought back to the classes I have been handed that were considered by the powers that be, to be "naughty," "Troublesome," or "riotous," that I had managed to bring under my control in a relatively short period of time, it always came down to this...I simply affirmed the good in them, more than I disciplined their poor choices. I also disciplined, as I have mentioned before, while projecting a nurturing and caring demeanor.

So, whether you are reaffirming the positive within you (and we are all loved and cherished members of the human community) or affirming the beautiful things about the people around you, you will definitely have a positive affect on your circle of influence.

So what then, is manifesting? The ability to choose and make happen the things, solutions and outcomes you want for yourself, and to some extent, others. Manifesting an outcome to your satisfaction is as simple as knowing exactly what you want, and framing this request to the universe. You will always get what you ask for! Just not always in the way you expect.

The old adage, "be careful what you wish for," definitely applies here.

Another 'teacher' example (it is such a MAJOR part of my life, I always talk about it...blush), I teach Math to unwilling teenagers every day. I often hear, "I'm just not any good at Math Miss, I always fail." Imagine the surprise on their beautiful faces when I say, "Well, you're right!" They sit stunned for a moment and I get another sentence in while they consider their reply, "Whatever you tell yourself, whatever you put out there, will be true. Since you just said it, I guess it is true. Want to take it back, then we can get on with the job of learning?" Giggle, if only you could see their faces. I haven't had one yet that doesn't take it back straight away. Sometimes only to stop me speaking :) But, it's a start.

A great way to manifest what you desire is to create a manifestation folder. This was suggested to me many years ago, and I have done it ever since.

Get a display folder and place into the pockets the things you really want. If you want to travel, cut out pictures of your ideal locations. If you want to be Happy, write "I am happy" on a piece of paper and include it too. If you want to learn, to create, to have successful relationships, to quit smoking, to be able to cook, world peace and an end to conflict, find pictures and words that represents these desires, and put them into your folder. Each night, before bed, when you're tired and most receptive, look at the pages in your folder. Focus on seeing yourself have these things, and continue to do this as long as it takes for the opportunity to appear. (You also need to be open to the angel messages you will receive in order to lead you to what you want.)

A great example is my inability to hug. Due to a lot of "stuff" I have been (in the past) VERY reluctant to let people into my personal space! I hated it, and I resented people who forced it onto me. Because this had caused me grief and I had lost a great friendship and relationship in part due to this, and because I wanted to change it, I included a "I love hugs" message in my folder. Each time I read it, i admit to thinking the whole process was stupid and that it couldn't possibly work. I still made myself read it out loud several times a day. I truly didn't believe it would work. It did! It took about 18 months before I realised I no longer stiffened and grimaced every time someone hugged me, but it did work. I think it would have worked a lot quicker if I had believed it would work. However, regardless of the fact that I didn't believe it, by reading this everyday, I made it happen.

There are too many stories to tell about this one. If you're reading this, feel free to share a story of your own about manifesting something you want in the comments.

Manifest away people!!!!!!

Note of caution: Whatever energy you put into the world will come back three fold! The universe will give you what you ask for, don't make it pain.

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