Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The energy of being kind...

It seems to me that the world grows smaller everyday. With the introduction of social networking, the Internet and many other methods of mass communication, we are instantly made aware of events happening locally and globally. I am at a loss to explain then, why the human community grows further apart rather than closer together.

With the advent of an increase in knowledge about the happenings around the world, of different cultures and customs and beliefs one would assume that the increase in connectivity and tolerance would follow. It seems to me sometimes that the complete opposite is true.

Most prejudice and hatred come from ignorance and fear of what is unknown. So, with the ability to 'know' or find out at the tips of our fingers, why is it that there seems to be an increase in hatred and intolerance? I don't have any answers to this question despite praying for understanding and a solution.

It takes very little of your time or energy to 'walk a mile in another man's shoes." It takes even less energy to refrain from commenting or airing judgements about others. In fact, I believe we invest more energy in being judgmental and negative than we do in being uplifting and generous. A statement I make often in the classroom to help teenagers with this concept is, "Just because you think it, doesn't mean it has to come out of your mouth." I'd like to take it one step further with adults..."Then you need to examine the thought and decide where it comes from." All people make judgments on others. In the first moment we meet someone, we evaluate their non-verbal signals and make a snap judgement about who they are, what they stand for and whether we like them or not. This is human. It is divine to wait, be patient and to evaluate those impressions and judgements and to decide where they have come from and whether they are valid and fair responses.

Positive energy is infectious and has a way of multiplying all by itself. A smile transfers quickly from one person to another. Negative energy has to be maintained, fed and fueled quite often in order to be sustained. It takes an awful lot of energy to hold a grudge and stay angry. It takes far less to forgive and move on. It is simple energy economy.

It costs you next to nothing to be the uplifting and enthusiastic one in the group. It costs a great deal to be the cynical and angry one, and not only the physical cost, but the emotional cost as well.

You have a choice!

You have angelic support!

Your neighbour, be they in the house next door, or the country next door, is a human being just like you. They have the same choice as you too. Don't let anyone take that choice away from you or make the choice for you by allowing them to teach you their hatreds.

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