Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Put it in writing...

I have remembered a valuable lesson today! Sometimes we are learning so quickly and so many tings that while the lesson has been absorbed, we forget we have learnt it until it is necessary :) Well, that's the way it happens for me anyway.

So, what did I learn today? I remembered the power of putting a goal/dream in writing...

Such a simple, yet powerful tool. Words have power, writing something down makes the idea more concrete and also enables the universe to divine (and therefore act upon) you intentions in a  more specific way.

As well as your manifestation folder (For more on this see the "Manifestation and visualisation" post)containing images and thoughts about your future goals, try writing a 5 year plan...or even a 5 week plan. Test it out and see it's a reliable way to make sure your dreams manifest quicker.

A week ago, I typed a goal into my "status" on my personal FB page. I said my goal is to have a certain number of fans have clicked "like" within the month. I am VERY close to having this goal realised and it is only day 5 of the month!!!

This brings me to my second biggest point...and so important!

People are very willing to help you reach a goal and if they know about it, they will generally help in whatever way they can! By putting my goal on my FB page, I announced not only to the universe, but to my friends and family, what I wanted to happen. What did they do? They didn't laugh at me or belittle me (definitely not dream stealer's- for more on these see the "Protecting your dreams" post) They made sure all of their friends knew about my goal, and they gathered support for me. They helped!

I read a card once that struck me as particularly true. I regret that I cannot correctly name the source because I cannot remember who said it...nonetheless, it read:

"Every now and then we could stop and answer each other's prayers rather than waiting..."

People are willing to help!

Thank you Earth angels for your help and support.

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