Monday, 4 April 2011

What exactly is an angel reading?

An angel reading is connecting with the divine on any level. It really is that simple.

If you want to know the details of an angel reading that is done by a qualified professional, I can only speak for myself and the process I follow...

At the moment, the main reading I do is based on images. I ask for the given name of the person wishing the reading (this is done via email) and then I write that name on a post it note and stick it somewhere I can see it regularly. I ask the divine entities I work with to gather information they might like to pass on to the person in question. I let that mull over in the universe for a bit, the whole time keeping the person's name in the back of my mind. When I am instructed to do so (by my divine friends) I sit quietly with drawing equipment and paper. The images then pour out of me and onto the page. With some people, it has only been the time it takes me to write the name on the post-it note, to getting my drawing tools before the images start coming.  I then go directly to my computer, open a new word page and type the information being given to me from the divine.

At this point I send a return email asking for full name and address so I can post the finished product.

Basically speaking, I act as a conduit for information. I can rarely remember the contents of the reading or even what the drawing looks like once it is posted. This information is not for me, it is for the person who requested the information.

It is also possible to be more specific when asking for an angel reading. For example, if there is one part of your life you want to know specifics about such as "Your true life's purpose" or your "Health" then you can add these words to the email.

I am a healer predominantly in my role as a light worker, so the voices I hear the loudest are usually those of Michael and Raphael and the messages I am given for the client are generally related to health and well being. That doesn't mean I don't 'hear' any other type of information.

Having said that though, I must reiterate that angels WILL NOT VIOLATE FREE WILL, either mine or my clients. In other words, they won't reveal anything to me that you don't want me to know, they will not tell me anything that might hurt you (because they don't do that).

I also read oracle cards to answer specific questions, however this is better done with either face to face contact or a direct line of communication like the phone, so that questions and answers can be clarified immediately.

If you are interested in an angel reading, or just wish to know more about it there are two ways I can be contacted:

1) Email you query to or
2) You can write a comment on the Angel WIngs and Faery Dust face book wall. (Please don't leave your personal details or information on this wall for all to read :) You can leave a request for me to send you a message though)

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